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I read as widely as I can, but I have an especial passion for children's and young adult literature. I love YA fantasy the most, but also read quite a lot of contemporary, and I've noticed that almost all the middle grade books I read, though they are not as numerous as YA, end up becoming favorites.  My children's and young adult books outnumber my adult books about two to one, but I also read classics and the very occasional literary, historical, or women's fiction.  I like romance in my books, but I prefer it to be subtle and sweet--which means I don't read much category romance, though I've tried a few.


My Goodreads profile is private, and this account is not synchronized with it.  This is simply because I first made my Goodreads account intending it to be a personal cataloging tool, where I can comfortably note my sometimes messy reactions to books I'm reading, and perhaps things I want to remember.  This BookLikes account will be more of a public forum for reviews and discussion.


I love Jesus, and that both informs and defines my worldview.  I'm of the opinion that everyone has a worldview, and it's better to acknowledge them up front instead of pretending we are all neutral; I just don't think that's true.  As such, I'll admit off the bat that I don't enjoy reading books with lots of violence or sex, which is one of the things that originally drew me to children's and young adult literature; prior to that, I primarily read only classics, not more recently published books.  And the books that I love the best are ones that feel, as in an unattributed quote a friend once told me, like the Gospel retold.  I love seeing the beauty of Jesus revealed in the simplicity of a beautifully told story.  My favorite ending in literature is in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.